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Qatar 2022: How much do 2022 fifa world cup tickets cost and how to buy them? Step by step. The first phase of ticket sales began on January 19. Tickets for the 2022 fifa world cup are now available. On Wednesday, January 19, the first phase of ticket sales began for the event that will take place from November 21 to December 18.
Fun88 The ticket sales for the World Cup will consist of three phases, the first one as mentioned above starts this January 19 until February 8, and is composed of a period of sales by random drawing.
In this first stage, those who are drawn will be able to choose individual match tickets; packages to follow a specific national team; tickets with accessibility teenpatti rules facilities for people with disabilities or reduced mobility; and ticket packages for four stadiums, a new format that will give attendees the chance to see four venues in four different matches on four consecutive days. fun88 india For Qatar 2022, each match will have four ticket categories, of which number 4 will be exclusively for Qatari residents and priced in Qatari riyals, while the remaining categories (1, 2 and 3) will be for foreign audiences and are priced in U.S. dollars.


How to buy tickets for the 2022 fifa world cup step by step?
Go to and click on "Apply for your tickets".
Create an account, so you can access the sales section
Once inside, click on "Submit or edit your ticket application".
Choose your ticket package, which can be for individual matches, 4 stadiums or team subscriptions.
Choose the ticket category and quantity
If you select more than one ticket, click on "Choose a guest", enter the details and then click on "Add".
To confirm your selection, click "Confirm" and then "Upload my ticket request".
Confirm that your details are correct
If you are supporting a team, you have the option to select it and then click "Confirm details" again
If you want to sit next to someone who has also made their ticket request, enter their existing ID.
Accept the online ticketing terms and ticket terms of use.
Click on "upload" your new ticket request
You will receive an email with details of your request.
From March 8 onwards, you will receive another email with the results of the draw and, if you were selected, an invitation to pay.
After successful payment, you will receive confirmation of your tickets with important information.
Ticket prices for Qatar 2022
For individual matches are as follows:


Inaugural | Category 1: 618 USD (12648.09 pesos) | Category 2: 440 USD ($9005) | Category 3: 300 USD ($6139.85).
Group Stage | Category 1: 220 USD ($4502.56 pesos) | Category 2: 165 USD ($3376.92) | Category 3: 69 USD ($1412.17)
Round of 16 | Category 1: 275 USD ($5628.19 pesos) | Category 2: 206 USD ($4216.03) | Category 3: 96 USD ($1964.75)
Quarterfinals | Category 1: 425 USD (8698.12 pesos) | Category 2: 290 USD ($5935.19) | Category 3: 206 USD ($4216.03)
Semifinals | Category 1: 955 USD ($19545.18 pesos) | Category 2: 660 USD ($13507.67) | Category 3: 357 USD ($7306.42)
Third place | Category 1: 425 USD (8698.12 pesos) | Category 2: 302 USD ($6180.78) | Category 3: 206 USD ($4216.03)
Final: Category 1: 1600 USD (32745.86 pesos) | Category 2: 1000 USD ($20466.16) | Category 3: 605 USD ($12382.03)
Season ticket prices per team


Group stage pass: 725 USD in category 1 | 543 in category 2 | 227 USD in category 3 Group Stage + Round of 16 Season Ticket: US$1,027 in category 1 | US$770 in category 2 | US$332 in category 3. Full Season Ticket: US$4,314 in category 1 | US$2,915 in category 2 | US$1,616 in category 3 FIFA is seeking $500 million from ticket sales and packages that include accommodation and other services for the World Cup, according to soccer's governing body's most recent financial report.

Fun88, FIFA makes the launched of the tickets for World cup 2022 Official




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